Engines are more than a tool to move your trucks forward — they’re the beating heart. Every PACCAR Engine is meticulously designed for maximum power, performance, and efficiency.


The PX-7 makes a new name for dependable precision. With smooth operation and an excellent power-to-weight ratio, this engine sets new standards for medium-duty power.

Trusted Dependability

Electronic Control Module

As the brain of the PX-7, the ECM accurately controls all engine functions for optimum performance and fuel economy.

Variable Geometry Turbocharger

The infinitely adjustable VGT provides you the exact boost needed for a fast, superior response.

Lightweight Package

The PX-7 unites a lightweight design with high structural integrity, providing a durable solution for miles of reliable service.

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Reliable Performance

The PX-7 joins power and economy into a reliable, mid-range engine. Increased fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance maximize your investment for a lifetime of value.

Never Miss a Mile

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