PACCAR Axles defy all limits with advanced lightweight designs, maximizing fuel and steering efficiency so you can increase your payload on every haul.


The PACCAR DX-40 Axle’s superior design helps you reach your destination with improved efficiency and durability. So you can keep more dollars in pocket along the way.

See the Possibilities

Lightweight Solutions

Advanced manufacturing processes makes the PACCAR DX-40 Axle up to 150 pounds lighter. When combined with the PACCAR MX-13 Engine and the PACCAR Transmission, this means up to 500 pounds of weight savings.

Thru-Shaft Pinion Design

The DX-40 Axle is the first high-performance axle with a thru-shaft pinion design, transferring full engine power straight to the road for the long-haul.

Advanced Laser Welding

An innovative laser-welded carrier design reduces weight and improves fuel economy.

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Take Back Efficiency

The DX-40 Axle rolls into new possibilities in durability, weight savings, and fuel efficiency.

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