Our precision-built transmissions are engineered from the ground up for intuitive operation and superior performance. Their intelligent features use look-ahead technology to execute shift decisions that improve fuel economy and driver comfort.


Discover stress-free driving with the PACCAR TX-12 — the purpose-built automated transmission intuitively designed for maximum compatibility with the PACCAR Powertrain. Press play to see simplicity in action.

Opinions That Matter

Starting last summer, we matched the PACCAR TX-12 with the PACCAR Engines, and the performance has been phenomenal. Our drivers come back to us and rave about the drivability, the smooth and quiet operation, and the great fuel economy.

Darrel Wilson
Wilson Logistics

Discover Integration

Electrical System

The internal electrical system minimizes exposure and corrosion of wires and connectors, greatly reducing maintenance needs.

Gear Ratio

The PACCAR TX-12 offers the best overall gear ratio coverage with superior low-speed maneuverability.

Lightest in Class

The purpose-built automated transmission does more than fully integrate with the PACCAR MX Engines — its durable aluminum housing makes it the lightest 12-speed transmission in its class.

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Designed for the Distance

The PACCAR TX-12 seamlessly integrates with the PACCAR MX Engines and PACCAR DX-40 Axle for superior performance and driver comfort. The lightweight design and trusted dependability increase the return on your investment, no matter the distance.

Feature Definition
Gears 12 Forward / 2 Reverse
Lower Cruise Speed Limit 1,100 RPM
Torque Capacity 1,850 lb.-ft.
Oil Capacity 16 Pints
System Weight (Transmission, Clutch, & Oil) 657 lb.
Maximum Operating Weight 110,000 lb.
PTO Maximum Operating Weight 8 Bolt, Bottom Mount, 95HP
Fluid Pressure Sensor Protection from Gear Burnup
Warranty Coverage
   Transmission 5 Year / 750,000 Miles
   Clutch 3 Years / 350,000 Miles
Maintenance Intervals
   Transmission 750,000 Mile Oil Change
   Clutch Maintenance Free
1st 14.43
2nd 11.05
3rd 8.44
4th 6.46
5th 4.95
6th 3.79
7th 2.91
8th 2.23
9th 1.70
10th 1.30
11th 1.00
12th 0.77
Reverse 1 16.92
Reverse 2 12.95
Overall 18.85

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