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Continuing the tradition of innovation, PACCAR has created two state-of-the-art engine testing facilities that allow tests to be conducted on two continents in identical conditions. With 45 engine test cells, a complete powertrain test cell and a full climatic chassis dyno between Eindhoven, the Netherlands; and Mount Vernon, Washington; we can provide full engine and powertrain system testing around the clock.

Fractured Cap Technology

fractured capFractured cap technology provides improved bearing clearance, higher strength joints and easier maintenance. The unique mating surfaces that result from this manufacturing technique result in greater power, increased uptime, and longer service life.

Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI)

cgi vs grey ironPACCAR is the only engine manufacturer to utilize CGI in both the block and the cylinder head of a heavy-duty diesel engine. CGI provides an extremely strong, yet lightweight base for the MX-13 engine. With shorter and thicker graphite particles than standard gray iron, CGI offers stronger adhesion between the graphite and the iron giving the material a greater tensile strength and excellent thermal resistance. The result is industry leading durability and a B10 design life of 1 million miles.

High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection

High Pressure Common Rail Fuel InjectionSophisticated fuel system uses controls to regulate the fuel in a central manifold, only compressing the amount of fuel mixture needed. The result is finer fuel atomization and more ways to optimize combustion, ensuring the lowest possible fuel consumption, emission and noise levels. Fuel galleries are integrated into the cylinder head to reduce leaks, improve reliability, and give a cleaner appearance to the engine.

Integrated Lubrication Module

Integrated Lubrication ModuleThe integrated lube system groups oil filtration and temperature control in one convenient location. Removing external lines increases reliability, and an easy-to-access, cartridge-style oil filter makes service visits quicker and cheaper.

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